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    Original 1977 album remastered with extra tracks. Long sought after by collectors and fans, only a limited number were pressed and its worth a few bob but its also a great rock album that slipped under the radar.. it really works !

    National Flag made quite an impression on the London music scene in 1975/76.
    They recorded one album,'Thankyou & Goodnight' and this is it, plus extra tracks.
    Its a goodie, we recommend it..
    We kid you not.
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The three above songs are taken from the album.. turn them up !
check out
features pre mobile phone still footage of the band.
(marquee pictures by chalkie davies)

National Flag were a major force on the London music scene in 1975/76. They recorded one album,'Thankyou & Goodnight' and this is it, remastered for CD from the original tapes plus extra tracks.

Recorded at EMIs Manchester Square with David Sandison (High Broom.Peter Peret), Decca in West Hampstead with Nick Tauber (Thin Lizzy Blue Orphanage) & at Fulhams Milner Sound (engineered by a young upstart called Julien Mendelsohn)

Only a limited number were pressed on vinyl and are now sought after by record collectors and music fans who want to catch the thrill and atmosphere of a classic London rock band, circa 75, in full flight.

This is a great album, National Flags 'Thankyou & Goodnight' is a gem.

Formed in Kingston on Thames, South London in 1973, an appearance at the Windsor Rock festival led to a UK tour with US girl band Bertha and the management of Tony Shelton later joined by David Sandison at EMI who wanted to record the band immediately and capture the excitement . And they did.
Flag quickly developed a strong London following especially at the Marquee club where they were resident band in summer 1975.

Such was their live reputation they were invited toTokyo and toured Japan in summer 1975 appearing on TV& Radio, headlining the infant Fuji Rock Festival and opening the World Rock Festival in Kyoto with the NewYork Dolls & Jeff Beck.

Featuring :
Danny Edwardson Guitar/Vocals,
Gary Brewer Gtr/Vocals,
Seamus Sell Drums/Vocals,
Chris Elvy Bass/Vocals (1973-75) &
Lee Strzlstryk Bass (1975-76)
Vic Martin Hammond Organ
Ian Kewley Hammond Organ/Piano

They should have been huge, but somehow they escaped a record deal, the anecdotes are endless but times were changing , the punk wave swept in and the band broke up, playing their last gig in June 1977 at the Clarence Hotel in Teddington for the Queens Jubilee.

The albums reputation and rarity value has grown over the years and is now sought after by keen rock fans, marquee fans and 70s record collectors plus the fact that its actually a real gem of an album...

Lovingly remastered from the original tapes by Clive Cherry, Thankyou & Goodnight shines a light on a classic 70s London rock band.
And its a real goodie. Glorious.

By late ‘77 Flag had morphed into the studio bound 'Engineers' and would sign to californias Berserkley label but thats another story and another album.


released January 28, 2011

Danny Edwardson, Gary Brewer, Seamus Sell,
Chris Elvy, Lee Hunter, Vic Martin, Ian Kewley.
Original 1977 edition produced by David Sandison, Tony Shelton, Nick Tauber & Nat Flag.1975/6/7
2011 edition remastered by Clive Cherry
Produced by David Sandison, Danny Edwardson & Seamus Sell.



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